Synapse Volunteer Spotlight: Shelby Vecchio

December 15, 2023

Synapse Volunteer Shelby Vecchio

Creative Design and Marketing: Meet Volunteer Contributor Shelby Vecchio

Synapse Florida is excited to welcome Shelby Vecchio to the team as a volunteer contributor who will help with our creative design and marketing of Synapse Summit and our year-round programs.

About Shelby

Hailing from the Space Coast in Melbourne, FL, Shelby’s journey has seen her navigate both within and beyond Florida, spanning across borders within the U.S. and abroad. Recently returning from Düsseldorf, Germany, she endeavors to embark on her entrepreneurial pursuits while championing the growth of small businesses. The decision to align with Synapse was a natural fit, drawn by their reputation for nurturing small businesses across the state. The promise of a vibrant community and opportunity within Florida fuels Shelby’s dedication to paying it forward and sharing her expertise in any way she can.

Supporting Synapse’s Success

With a foundation in Fine Art and New Media from the University of North Carolina, Shelby brings a rich blend of skills to the table. Her expertise lies in leveraging a diverse range of media to ignite creativity among businesses and individuals alike. With well over a decade’s worth of experience, she excels in crafting augmented, virtual, and immersive experiences, a testament to her technical prowess and in-depth understanding of multiple digital platforms.

Shelby’s professional footprint encompasses a wide array of clientele, encompassing private enterprises to esteemed public entities. Her adaptability shines through as she navigates diverse parameters and mediums, leaving an indelible mark through collaborations with small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

We’re excited to celebrate our volunteers, the work that they do, and the impact they make. It is important to take a moment to recognize the incredible value that volunteers bring to our community here at Synapse. Visit to get involved today, demonstrate your expertise, make connections, and contribute to helping advance your knowledge, networks, and careers.

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