Synapse Volunteer Spotlight: Sean Schrader

December 9, 2023

Synapse Volunteer Sean Schrader

STUDENT COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Meet Volunteer contributor Sean Schrader

Synapse Florida is excited to welcome Sean Schrader to the team as a volunteer contributor who will help with our community outreach efforts within student affairs, entrepreneurship, and innovation programs for students across the Gulf Coast region.

About Sean

A native of Clearwater, FL, Sean is currently in the final year of his MBA program at the University of South Florida where he will graduate this spring. While in Tampa Bay, Sean has been fortunate to be afforded a multitude of opportunities to become involved, where he focuses on the importance of providing a youth perspective in environments where it may otherwise go unheard. Specifically, Sean has served in roles such as the District Office Manager for Congressman Charlie Crist, the Campus Governor at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, and the Clearwater At-Large Representative on the St. Petersburg Clearwater International Airport Noise Abatement Task Force. Following his graduation this spring, Sean hopes to travel abroad before returning to the US to pursue a law degree with an ultimate goal of public service in some capacity.

supporting synape’s success

Although having a background in business, Sean believes there is value to working outside areas of focus, as it creates opportunities to strengthen skillsets, while becoming more well-rounded. This mindset led Sean to Synapse Florida where he served as a volunteer during the 2023 Summit, and where he will be able to serve as a contributor to the 2024 Summit in engaging youth around the Tampa Bay region.


We’re excited to celebrate our volunteers, the work that they do, and the impact they make. It is important to take a moment to recognize the incredible value that volunteers bring to our community here at Synapse. Visit to get involved today to demonstrate your expertise, make connections, and contribute to helping advance your knowledge, networks, and careers.

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