Game On for 302 Interactive CEO Kyle Morrand

January 17, 2024

Kyle Morrand CEO 302 Interactive

Synapse featured speaker Kyle Morrand, Founder and CEO of 302 Interactive, was highlighted in Florida Trend Magazine’s Next Gen profile:


Kyle Morrand’s game development studio is using augmented reality, virtual reality and other technologies to solve real-world problems across a range of industries.


The Entrepreneur
Kyle Morrand, 30
302 Interactive, Orlando


Kyle Morrand grew up in the Miami area surrounded by technology — his mother even taught coding at his school — but he was much more interested in music and drumming. At the University of Central Florida, he became enthralled with game design, making it his major in 2013 and “went down a rabbit hole with all these different ideas.” That led the then 21-year-old to start a game design business in 2014, and as he did contract work for companies in virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) technologies, he realized he “just liked helping people.”

“We apply game design to real-world problems,” says Morrand about 302 Interactive. “We work with companies in industries like health care, education, attractions, you name it, by taking our knowledge base in emerging technologies and bringing it together in a unique design approach.”

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