Synapse Volunteer Spotlight: Zebrina Lee

November 30, 2023

Zebrina Edgerton-Maloy

Crafting Innovative Stories: Meet Volunteer Contributor Zebrina Lee

Synapse Florida is excited to welcome Zebrina Lee to the team as a volunteer contributor who will help create and curate impactful brand stories that spotlight our community’s knowledge base, resources, and the inherent value within Synapse’s innovation ecosystem.

About Zebrina

Zebrina is an Afro-Latina multimedia storyteller, photographer, and copywriter who grew up in Miami and has called Tampa Bay home for nearly 10 years. Zebrina’s talents revolve around a passion for helping social impact companies craft mission-driven brand stories. Zebrina graduated from Washington & Lee University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. Zebrina has proudly worked with CBS News, the Greater Miami Tourism Bureau, Best Buddies International, and more. She is also the Co-Founder of Black Stock Footage, a stock video platform specializing in Black representation.

Supporting Synapse’s Success

In preparation for Synapse Summit 2024, Zebrina is helping Synapse amplify its story of innovation through strategic communications that further nurture its community and elevate Synapse’s brand voice. By leveraging brand storytelling and thoughtfully crafted narratives, Zebrina is motivated to help showcase Synapse’s thought leadership, industry insights, and success stories.

“The Tampa of today reminds me of Miami from years ago, a city brimming with potential and opportunity. I’m proud to support Synapse’s team as it plays a key role in putting Tampa Bay on the map, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit, and driving innovation in Florida. Contributing my talents to Synapse aligns perfectly with my passion for impactful storytelling and I’m excited to support the team for Summit!”

Innovation Insights

For Zebrina, innovation is the art of creating opportunities that foster fresh perspectives, novel solutions, and better efficiencies. “Innovation is the backbone of Tampa Bay’s tech and entrepreneurial landscape, with Synapse being a driving force for its growth and interconnectivity. It’s amazing to see how Synapse is at the forefront of innovation in Tampa Bay by building a community of pioneering startups, top-tier talent, and groundbreaking technological advancements.”


We’re excited to celebrate our volunteers, the work that they do, and the impact they make. It is important to take a moment to recognize the incredible value that volunteers bring to our community here at Synapse. Visit to get involved today, demonstrate your expertise, make connections, and contribute to helping advance your knowledge, networks, and careers.

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