Titus O’Neil challenges Synapse: Follow through on diversity pledge

December 14, 2021

Synapse Florida has launched a diversity, equity and inclusion committee to ensure the Black community is included in Florida’s innovation economy.

The committee will “help guide us and hold us accountable to making positive changes, the right changes, lasting changes and impactful changes,” said Brian Kornfeld, Synapse co-founder and president, speaking Wednesday at Synapse Converge, a three-day virtual gathering.

Everyone at Synapse, a nonprofit that connects entrepreneurs, talent, investors and others, stands against systemic racism, prejudice and injustice and believes unequivocally that Black lives matter, Kornfeld said. The organization has worked to ensure diverse voices are heard, Kornfeld said.

“However, we have not done well enough and that is not OK. I’m here to say that this stops right here, right now,” Kornfeld said…


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