No afterthought: Why executive assistants can make your CEO more efficient

December 15, 2021

After eight years as the executive assistant for Tony DiBenedetto, the co-founder and former CEO of Tribridge, Joelle Paban launched her own executive assistant recruitment firm. Now her former boss is an investor.

DiBenedetto, an entrepreneur himself, encouraged his employees to come to him with business ideas. He has now invested — both emotionally and financially — in Paban & Associates, for an undisclosed amount.

After DXC Technologies (NYSE: DXC) acquired Tribridge in 2017 in a $152 million deal, Paban moved on shortly after. She then became the executive assistant for Florida Funders managing partner and Synapse Florida co-founders Marc Blumenthal, Tom Wallace, and Andy Hafer, when the organizations were under one roof…


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