Daryl Holt of EA Sports

January 21, 2024

Where Innovation Meets Inspiration: An Interview with Daryl Holt of EA Sports

In the realm of gaming, where pixels meet imagination, innovation leaders shape the landscape of interactive entertainment. We had the opportunity to interview Daryl Holt, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, of Electronic Arts (EA), where he shares his transformative 18-year journey at Electronic Arts with the fusion of creativity, technology, and innovation, how innovation is a collaborative effort with no boundaries, and their mission to inspire the world to play while embodying a commitment to community building and vision for Orlando’s ascent as a thriving hub for dreamers.

First, Who is Daryl Holt?

Holt is a stalwart in the gaming industry. Since 2004, he has been an integral part of the EA family, steering the ship towards new horizons. Holt’s journey is not just about titles and positions; it’s a testament to a passion for creativity, a love for technology, and a commitment to revolutionizing the gaming industry and player experiences. His potent mix of creative and analytic skills has propelled him from what might have been a traditional consulting career to heading one of the largest and most innovative sports gaming studios in the industry. 

Innovation has no boundaries.

For Holt, innovation is not confined to a specific box; it’s a dynamic force that can emerge from anywhere. In his view, technology has the power to make people feel, form connections, and create immersive experiences. This philosophy is embedded in the DNA of EA, where the goal is to evolve games continually, seeking ways to enhance the player experience and bring people together. Holt emphasizes that innovation is a collaborative effort – a collective pursuit of making dream experiences come to life.

Commitment to a community of dreamers.

With one of the largest video game studios in Florida, Holt envisions Orlando as the city where dreamers continue to thrive. He is at the forefront of immersion and innovation and stands as a driving force propelling the city towards a future where dreams are not just lived but brought to life. His advice to dreamers is, “Dream big, keep moving forward, stay curious, and take advantage of the collaborative network that defines Orlando.” 


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