Synapse Volunteer Spotlight: Andre Thomas

January 25, 2024


Synapse Florida is thrilled to introduce its newest addition to the team, Andre Thomas, a powerhouse volunteer contributor devoted to elevating our marketing operations and support for both Synapse Summit and our year-round programming.


Hailing from the vibrant city of Washington DC, Andre emerges as a multifaceted individual with a robust background in cybersecurity technology operations. Currently supporting enterprise clients, Andre’s professional journey extends beyond conventional boundaries. A true entrepreneur at heart, he has carved his niche in the digital realm by founding a successful social media business. His prowess lies in the art of storytelling, vividly translating creativity across the digital landscape through captivating video content.


Andre’s arrival marks a significant boost to Synapse’s marketing operations. With a fervent passion for content creation and a wealth of experience in operations, he seamlessly blends the best of both worlds in his support of Synapse. His unique skill set allows him to navigate the intricate landscape of storytelling development and execution with precision. From coordinating pre-event marketing and logistics to enhancing the visibility of our esteemed sponsors and exhibitors, Andre plays a pivotal role in Synapse’s success.


What sets Andre apart is not just his skill set but the infectious positivity and excitement he injects into the team. His vibrant energy resonates through his work, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment within Synapse’s marketing operations. We celebrate our volunteers and contributors, like Andre, who exemplify the dedication and impact that characterize the Synapse community.


Synapse invites individuals with a passion for innovation and community impact to join the volunteer movement. Visit today to explore opportunities where you can showcase your expertise, make meaningful connections, and contribute to the advancement of your knowledge, networks, and careers.

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