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Tampa Blockchain

The problem:

The healthcare industry is fraught with transactional friction in virtually every operational niche existing within the market.  Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt and transform a number of areas, such as practitioner identity and credentialing, claims and payment settlement, patient medical records, clinical trial data management, supply track/trace, and so on.

The Solution:

The first place winner, Team Zero, based in Melbourne, Florida, created a tech-enabled pill dispenser to automatically dispense a prescription using data aggregated through a blockchain app synced to the Apple Health interface on Apple watch.  


Follow up: Third place winners, Kyle Thomas and Zoe Sewell, juniors at Florida Polytechnic University, were subsequently hired by Nonce, a blockchain contracting agency based in Tampa, Florida.

Prize: $3,000

Number of Solutions: 5

Length of Challenge: 8 weeks