Synapse Summit launches digital conference

December 10, 2021

Synapse Florida — known for its massive, two-day summit in Amalie Arena at the start of every year — is bringing the connectivity back, and this time it’s digital.

As gatherings came to a complete halt in mid-March due to the novel coronavirus, the Synapse team began to think of ways to still connect the innovation community not only in Tampa Bay but throughout Florida.

“The word that I’ve been using is the renaissance into new growth or the new normal,” said Brian Kornfeld, president of Synapse Florida. “We didn’t want to be too early, but also know people are not fully settled into where life is going to be, because we have zero clue to how life is going to be. We want to have open conversations about it and how innovation can help; what the new future will look like across a variety of industries, technology and subjects.”…


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