Synapse Libate & Learn #27: Gaining Traction – Making Leadership Fun & Effective

January 21, 2021

Entrepreneurship is tough. Being a CEO is filled with challenges and frustrations that are universal across industries, affecting businesses big and small. In this dynamic conversation, we’ll get to brass tacks with two entrepreneurs, and old friends, who together have tackled the top 5 pain points facing most business leaders:
– Lack of control
– “People” frustration – whether with employees/vendors/customers
– Lack of profit
– Nothing has worked
– You’ve hit a ceiling

Ashley Butler, Fleet Manager of Butler Automotive Management and Franchisee of Ice Cold Air, and Jonathan Bowman, founder of getVTH, have known each other for years, first meeting through the Entrepreneurs Organization. As they’ve each navigated building their businesses, they’ve experienced the highs and lows. They’ve found a path towards positive and effective management that’s helped them love leading and building successful teams.

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