Synapse Libate & Learn #22: Corporate Leadership Roles Explained

January 21, 2021

Corporate Leadership can be confusing, stressful and political. However, those who understand the roles can rise to the top effectively. Join this Libate & Learn session to learn about different roles, what they mean, what skills you should have, and how to move up the corporate ladder.

Pete Hinojosa – Human Capital Development Director – Insperity
Will cover how a company sets up talent for success, along with why culture matters and how specific roles in an organization can be set up for long term support and success.
Sandra Braham – President & CEO – Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services
Will cover talent placement, how talent can find the right role for them, how talent can maximize themselves by stepping outside of their comfort zone, and how to really push into becoming a leader.
Jan Baskin – CEO – Business Enhancement Strategies
How to look at organizational set up at it from a leadership perspective? How do we ensure organizations have the right roles, people are hired for the right fit, and how to set team members up on a growth trajectory for success?

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