Synapse Libate & Learn #2: Don’t Cancel, Convert: Top 10 things to consider when shifting to Virtual Events

January 21, 2021

This week, learn how to use virtual technology when hosting events remotely.
Grab a beverage (alcoholic or non), relax, and log in remotely this Tuesday (the 31st) for another FREE Synapse virtual event with our leading event experts from DCE Productions.

We’ll share best practices for executing virtual events that are lively, function well, and provide a professional, brand focused environment for the community, and then we’ll open up the discussion for Q&A.

Expect to learn more about:
What are Virtual Events and how are they different from a typical Zoom or Teams meeting?
What is the user experience like for a Virtual Event?
What resources are available to help plan a Virtual Event?
What is a hybrid in-person/virtual event?
What considerations must be addressed for successful execution?
How to get started conducting virtual events?

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