Synapse Libate & Learn #18: How to Successfully Shift Career Paths

January 21, 2021

Whether out of necessity, an empty feeling, a motivation, or an inspiration – career change is real and happens to just about everybody at some point or another. How do you know when it is time to take the leap? How do you know what is a good risk vs throwing all caution to the wind? How do you spot the right opportunity for you? Grab a libation and hear from three people who shifted their career paths and in turn their lives:
Rachel Feinman, Executive Director, Florida Israel Business Accelerator
Steve Edwards, Managing Partner and CEO, Premier Virtual
Deon Bradley, Founder and CEO of both Bradley Coaching & Consulting and Hire or Wire Now

In this episode, hear from these individuals who have undertaken major change, hear why they went through it, and what has happened since.

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