Synapse Libate & Learn #15: Why is Corporate Social Responsibility Good Business

January 21, 2021

Corporate social responsibility is a broad concept that takes many forms depending on the company and industry. Through CSR programs, philanthropy, and volunteer efforts, businesses make large scale societal impacts while boosting their brand’s equity.

CSR activities can help forge a stronger bond between employees and corporations; boost morale; and help both employees and employers feel more connected with the world around them. In short, CSR efforts are mutually beneficial for both the community and company. In this Libate and Learn, experts will impart knowledge on CSR and its’
– Benefits to the bottom line
– Ability to Boost Employee morale
– Alignment with “people, over profit” (Grow’s motto)

– How you can incorporate CSR in your business today.
– How to highlight civic mindedness and civically minded employees.
– How to proactively support employees (social impact starts within).
– About the internal and external impact.

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