Synapse Libate & Learn #1: Quickly Pivoting to a Remote Business Model

January 20, 2021

Are you wondering how to operate and grow your business while heeding social distancing guidelines? Grab a drink, relax, and join us remotely for a FREE virtual event with Synapse’s leading legal, financial, and relationship building experts. They’ll share best practices for conducting business in a socially distant environment, and then we’ll open up the discussion for Q&A. Expect to learn more about:

– The implications of the financial markets on your business with Tim Schar (Synapse Board Member and Market President of Truist, formerly SunTrust). He’ll cover:
– – How you can improve utilization of your cash balances and resources
– – What various sources of capital are available today
– – What modifications might you consider in your re-forecasting
– – How to think about a sale of your business during a recession
– – How to evaluate capital raising during a recession
– What legal steps you can take to protect your business with Sheryl Hunter (Synapse Board Member and President at Hunter Business Law). She’ll cover:
– – The Families First Coronavirus Relief Act and other legislation to consider when evaluating layoffs, furloughs, pay reductions and sick leave
– – Renegotiating or terminating contracts and leases; force majeure clauses and other considerations
– – Derailing of M&A deals; tips for staying on track
– – Effective use of lawyers during a crisis causing constrained cash flow
– How to effectively work and sell remotely with Brett Maternowski (Synapse Director of Corporate Engagement). He’ll cover:
– – Daily routine and break setting
– – Staying connected to peers
– – Staying focused
– – The importance of relationships when potentially difficult financial decisions are coming
– – How to keep an intimate sales relationship remotely vs face to face (Hint: Pick up the phone)

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