Synapse Impact Board Member Feature (FIBA): Tampa tech company donates radiation shields to Ukraine

December 21, 2022

A Tampa-based company is using its technology to protect astronauts and, most recently, the Ukrainian government.

Driving the news: StemRad, a radiation protection technology company that was part of the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator’s first tech cohort in 2017, donated 20 gamma radiation shields to Ukraine, the company announced earlier this month.

  • The shields are designed to protect individuals in the event they’re exposed to high rates of radiation.
  • The company, which is working with NASA, also says its AstRorad radiation protection vests were aboard the Orion Spacecraft, which returned last week from lunar orbit.

Details: StemRad claims to be the world’s only company making equipment to protect against gamma radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation dangerous to the human body…. READ FULL ARTICLE

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