Synapse Florida CEO Lauren Prager on the Business Observer’s Corner Office Podcast

February 15, 2024

Connections, creativity and championing innovation with Synapse Florida CEO Lauren Prager


Our CEO, Lauren Prager, is a guest on the Corner Office Podcast, hosted by Mark Gordon, the managing editor of Business Observer.


This week, we are speaking with Lauren Prager, CEO of Synapse Florida. Lauren has been involved with Synapse Florida since 2018, when she volunteered for the launch of Synapse Summit, a statewide event of innovation. She was named CEO in spring 2023.

Together, we talk about how Synapse has evolved, and continues to evolve, as a go-to source for entrepreneurs, business leaders, nonprofits and more from across Florida to gather and learn from one another. We also talk about what Lauren has learned through first-hand experience and working with some of the region’s most notable and innovative organizations and companies. Read more


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