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AI-Powered Networking for Sponsors

Let’s be honest, we never imagined Summit 2021 would be virtual. But…

we did wonder, can this virtual environment actually make it easier for sponsors and exhibitors to make meaningful, curated connections? So, we got to work on how to capture the magic of the serendipitous connections made at Summit AND improve on that experience overall. We searched, we tested, and we found a tool that we’re certain will bring a new level of value to your virtual Summit networking and selling experience. It’s called Brella, and it’s brought in part to Summit by Grow Financial.


What is Brella?

Brella is the leading AI based matchmaking tool on the market. It recommends the most useful connections for YOU to meet with, and empowers you to plan your event day of meetings beforehand. You can sync your calendar to Brella as well. All of your meetings and chats are saved to your Brella account, so you can follow up with your matches even after the event is over.

In fact, you’ll have 4 weeks to maximize this tool, meeting new leads, networking and hosting meetings at your convenience.

Individuals from exhibiting organizations will be automatically linked as representatives of the company within Brella and can easily be found from the “Partner” or “Sponsor” tab.

Why Use Brella?

“Our collaboration with Brella has really been instrumental in producing the best networking experience at our events.” – Ned Desmond
COO at TechCrunch

Brella ensures sponsors and partners make the most of their investment by maximizing networking time with potential connections before the event. 

To maximize your ROI, we recommend paying attention to these 3 best practices:

  1. Have a detailed online presence in Brella before, during and after the event to entice inbound leads ← The Synapse team is busy building out the exhibitor Booths. We will open it up to all exhibitors (including exhibiting sponsors) 3 weeks before the event. GA+ and VIP ticket holders will gain access 2 weeks prior so be sure to follow our detailed instructions when they come out to make the most of your investment.
  2. Have a strong company presence within Brella in order to be reached easily ← Have your team there in full force, not only in the Brella platform but within the program itself ready to capitalize on any potential sales opportunities

Once attendees gain access, make a point to send 30 meeting requests through the platform. The geniuses at Brella have determined 30 meeting requests is the tipping point for success. You’ll have 4 weeks total to meet members of the innovation community: 2 weeks prior, the week of Summit, and one week more. Make the most of them!


Brella Meetings

The Synapse team has selected relevant and curated interest categories for you to choose from. Together with the Brella algorithm, these interests determine the best matches for you, so please take your time and choose carefully.

Also, don’t neglect your profile introduction. It’s a vital part of your profile, as it helps you stand out. Other attendees can also search for keywords in your intro, so include what your unique offering is. It could be your company slogan or what you hope to achieve, but there is a clear correlation between a detailed intro and higher meeting quality and satisfaction. 

You can send meeting requests to any attendee you like and you can also customize the message. Take a bit of time to tell your potential match why you would like to meet and what you will bring to the meeting. Make it impossible for them to say no!

You can also disable meeting slots from your daily event schedule if you wish not to receive meeting requests. Even if you have decided to disable the slots from your own Brella schedule, you can still review other attendees’ availability and suggest meetings. You will only see the meeting spots that are free for both of you.

You got me! I’m interested in this kind of visibility

Great! Please go to the Sponsorship and Exhibition page to schedule a time to chat with us. 


Who has access to the Brella Platform?

GA+ and VIP Ticket holders will have access to the Brella platform. For more information on what those tickets include please go to the Ticket Type and Registration page.  

How soon can I get into the platform?

We’ll open the platform to sponsors and exhibitors three weeks before the event. That will give you time to acclimate yourself with the platform and fill out your profiles. GA+ and VIP ticket holders will gain access two weeks before the event, and that’s when the AI can really do it’s thing. As attendees tell us more about what they’re looking for, Brella will connect them and you to one another. We encourage STRONGLY that your teams have a plan of attack for outbound leads as well. Keep your eyes open for detailed instructions on how to get in, set up your profile, and make the most of your time at Summit.