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A digital experience means that traffic, travel, distance, or availability are no longer obstacles to discovering the best of Florida’s innovation community.
We’re taking full advantage of this opportunity to help you create meaningful, purposeful connections and shine a light on innovative places you may never have experienced at an in-person event.  
The digital platform and consistent daily schedule makes it easy to follow along as we dive into the customized tracks (eight in total) and opportunities driving Florida’s hive of innovation and excellence.

High-Level Agenda

With an easy to navigate digital platform and daily schedule, there will be eight industry focused tracks highlighting Florida’s most exciting growth industries, their impact and their talent.

Why these eight tracks?

Let’s be clear, innovation and innovative thinking come from every industry, every discipline, every area of focus. You don’t have to be in tech to be innovative!

Synapse, in partnership with Enterprise Florida, EDCs, ESOs, and community contributors from across the state, have identified these eight tracks as the primary drivers of Florida innovation: CleanTech, Healthcare, Cyber, Defence & Space, Investing, Entertainment & Hospitality, Emerging Tech and Community Impact. 

At Synapse, this is what it’s all about! Shining a light, celebrating the wins, passing a mic, and providing a stage for Florida’s innovators to share their stories and inspire others to join our dynamic growing innovation community.  

“Okay I get it, so tell me more about the eight featured tracks…” 

CleanTech is an umbrella term used to describe the energy, environmental, and sustainability business sectors. Over 11,750 CleanTech-related companies are based in Florida. The Sunshine State’s abundance in natural resources, supportive infrastructure, leading biomass production, and competitive costs make it a prime location for this industry to continue to grow.

The Healthcare industry is more respected than ever, thanks to the leading researchers’ and frontline workers’ inspirational fight against the global pandemic. Florida stands out in this arena, ranking 2nd place in medicine and medical device manufacturing in the nation, supported by over 29,000 workers in the biotech, pharma, and device manufacturing industries. The state is home to over 726,000 healthcare professionals overall, along with 10 respective medical schools engaging in critical research and clinical trials.

The cybersecurity industry is ubiquitous, relative to all modern technology and business communities. The U.S. cybersecurity market alone is worth over $20 billion. Florida has established its own cybersecurity hub, with over 46,000 employees and 23,000 job openings, making the state a national leader within the industry.

The U.S. is known for having a powerful Department of Defense and an innovative space industry. Florida ranks 2nd in manufacturing for both space and defense systems as well as aerospace products and parts, and is widely recognized for its Space Coast region, home to the Kennedy Space Center from which past and present space missions have launched. There are over 106,000 employees in the aerospace and aviation industries. As for defense, Florida is the proud home of 20 military installations, over 60,000 active duty personnel, and 1.45 million veterans.

Investing is critical for Florida’s innovation economies to both survive and thrive. Be it angel, VC, or peer-to-peer lenders, funding is integral in propelling world changing innovation. Florida is a compelling location for investors, due to its rank of 4th place of the best tax climates in the nation. Investors from all around the nation are relocating to Florida, joining over 1,100 angel investors and over 1,200 international companies, presenting a tremendous opportunity for global economic growth.

Entertainment and hospitality are immense resources for Florida’s economic growth and support. Reinforced by remarkable innovation, this industry continues to make Florida one of the top travel destinations in the nation. The Sunshine State is home to stunning beaches and cruises, adventurous theme parks, along with massive concert and sporting venues. Florida is an entertainment and hospitality leader, with a $67 billion tourism industry. Major national food chains like Checkers/Rally’s, Burger King, Bloomin’ Brands, Darden Restaurants, Tijuana Flats are headquartered here as well. 

Emerging tech is one of the most lucrative and innovative industries in modern society. Florida ranks #4 in the nation for high-tech employment, with 270 photonics companies, a growing AgTech industry, AR/VR innovations, and technical colleges and universities . More than 237,000 people work in over 27,000 high tech companies based in the state of Florida, and our universities are some of the nation’s top producers of STEM graduates.

Community challenges require community solutions. Innovations that integrate diverse stakeholders with different perspectives and expertise can ultimately affect change, in other words Community Impact. This is where Florida’s spirit of collaboration shines.  Whether tackling social injustice, food insecurity, access to healthcare, innovators working together to make a difference.



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