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Join Us In 2021!

The Summit is THE event for Florida’s Innovation community!

Florida is a hotbed for innovation and entrepreneurship and the Synapse Summit brings all personas of this ecosystem together to continue to grow and propel today’s talented makers, hackers, investors, thinkers, and doers.

At our February 2020 Summit, we featured over 320 companies, 300+ speakers and welcomed over 7,300 attendees. It was a phenomenal success with world-class keynote speakers and engaging content!

Synapse and its Sponsors know that a thriving and growing ecosystem benefits everyone. It’s like they say, a rising tide lifts all ships!

The Summit is a powerful platform filled with consumers, businesses, community leaders, investors, governments and entrepreneurs. There are many different ways you can become part of the movement at the Synapse Summit 2021.

From putting your best face forward as an exhibitor and attracting customers, funding, and exposure, to Sponsoring the Summit and being part of the tidal force of growth, we look forward to having you there!

The 2020 Summit SOLD OUT well in advance. Fill the form out to learn more, and be first in line for 2021!

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