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Convince Your Boss

Professional Development

The Synapse Summit isn’t only an experience, it’s an investment.

The Synapse Summit is brimming with fresh perspectives, lessons learned, and the successes of business leaders from across the state and the country. From strategies to best practices, get ready to take notes, network, and be inspired. Are you looking for the edge to move up within your company or industry, or figuring out how to execute your latest big idea? Bring it to the Summit. The Synapse Summit is an investment in you, your organization, and your future.

Lead generation

Making substantive connections and gathering qualified leads is more than just business cards or names on a paper. Next year, the Synapse Summit will welcome over 6,000 attendees who are active, engaged, and invested in Florida’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our attendees are curious about innovation across Florida, hungry for economic growth, and eager to partner with businesses and individuals who want to succeed.


You’ve heard and read their interviews, you’ve been following their content on social media, and possibly even read their books! This is your chance to meet the leaders, thinkers, and doers solving the problems of today and even those we haven’t thought of yet. Maybe you’re looking to expand your industry network, list of potential vendors, or possibly your next business partner. The Synapse Summit is intentionally designed to create these opportunities for you to connect, learn, and support one another.

Market research

Can you spot the gaps in your company strategy? How well do you know your competition? Let’s see what you’re up against. The Synapse Summit brings together Florida’s established industry leaders, disruptors, and emerging startups. Regardless of the stage you’re in, the Summit will give you insight of what’s to come and where innovation is going. It may change your perspective, it could change your entire business!