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Rowdies AL Lang Field

What it meant to win: It was a bit of a confirmation of our ideas, abilities, and all of our research about the needs and wants of the community and organizations involved. We are moving forward with our proposed partners and solidifying our relationship with the Rowdies and Rays. Saturday night, the Rowdies recognized us during the half time of the soccer game – which was a great honor. – Nolan Christensen, Team Domescape

The problem

Al Lang Field is the home of the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer franchise, and other events including concerts and the “Saturday Morning Market”. How else can we utilize this beautiful waterfront facility and activate St. Petersburg’s downtown on non-game days and throughout the rest of the year?

The solution

Team Domescape proposed a monthly schedule of off -season events, these include art, sensory deprivation, a carnival, academic or corporate conference, Esports, charity events, New Years dinner and ball, a Broadway performance special, music festivals, etc.

How will we accomplish this? By placing a series of carefully curated domes ranging from 120’-36’ in diameter. These domes will have an event space, interactive scenography, accessible entryways, with a waiting area with themed bars and lounges.


Prize $:
1st Place: $3,500 plus 2 VIP tickets to the 2020 Synapse Summit
2nd Place: 2 tickets to the 2020 Synapse Summit

Number of Solutions: 8

Length of Challenge: 6 weeks