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Futures Intelligence Workshop

Futures Intelligence:
Mapping Tomorrow’s Disruptors Today

We’re excited to partner with Kedge and The Futures School to offer a Futures Intelligence workshop as an add-on to your Synapse Summit experience! You’ll learn trends in culture, technology, governance, economies, sustainability, and beyond. But, more importantly, you’ll gain a set of tools that bridge the gap between our fascination with trends and the real work of foresight. Walk away with a reframed perspective, immediately applicable tools for professional and personal growth, and The Futures School certificate of completion.

We live in an age where accelerating complexity and exponential change is the norm – an unpredictable world that requires a completely different approach to business, economics, technology, analytics, and social development. The growing fluidity of the global economy, the dramatic disruptions of the digital revolution, and the radical empowerment of individuals through mobile computing and micro-manufacturing have combined to create a challenging future landscape. Competitive intelligence benchmarks against today’s competitors while business intelligence analyzes data for linear and short-term organizational application. Both activities are necessary, but they fall short of creating market-leading innovation and long-term opportunity development. How do you propel your foresight efforts beyond trend spotting, and move teams to identify emerging disruptors and transformations? In the Futures Intelligence program you will hear about our latest research around culture, technology, governance, economies, sustainability and more. You will then experience a suite of tools that bridge the gap between our fascination with trends and the real work of foresight. Futures thinking turns a complex and unclear world into a map of new innovation, possibilities and opportunities – providing revenue-generating futures intelligence, today.

3 key-takeaways:

  • Learn how futures thinking is the instrument to building resilient, adaptive and transformative strategies.
  • Gain the skills needed to identify and capitalize on emerging trends, weak signals, and changing Commercial-in-Confidence patterns while receiving tangible models that will allow participants to apply learnings immediately.
  • Expand the field of vision around the possibilities of the future so that participants can make better maps and decisions in the present.
Yvette Montero Salvatico

Founding Instructor, The Futures School Principal & Managing Director, Kedge

With a bachelor’s in Finance and a MBA from the University of Florida, Yvette has over 15 years of corporate experience with large, multi-national firms. At Disney, Yvette led the effort to establish Future Workforce Insights, which leveraged foresight techniques to identify future workforce trends. As co-founder of The Futures School, Yvette has built a foresight learning platform across five continents, including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. More than 500 global citizens have joined The Futures School movement to embody a futures-thinking mindset. Yvette is also a partner at Kedge — where she utilizes extensive research and customized toolkits to service a diverse global client base.

Frank Spencer

Founding Instructor, The Futures School Founding Principal & Creative Director, Kedge

Frank is a published author and speaker, delivering presentations and workshops around the globe. He holds a MA in Strategic Foresight from Regent University. With a strong background in both business and academic foresight, He has worked on foresight for companies like Kraft, Mars, and Marriott. Frank also led the effort to establish foresight as a leadership competency across The Walt Disney Company, training over 300 employees across the globe. Frank is co-founder of The Futures School, a global foresight learning platform. He is also the founding partner at Kedge, a foresight, innovation, creativity and strategic design firm.

About Kedge

Kedge is a minority-owned global foresight, innovation, creativity, and strategic design consultancy headquarter in Kissimmee, FL. We help our clients to thrive in a world of complex ideas and practices, uncover emerging trends on the horizon that will impact their business, and discover unseen opportunities for strategic advantage and development. We offer customized engagements and capacity-building programs to foster innovation, strengthen strategy development, and transform organizational culture.

About The Futures School

The Futures School™ (TFS) offers learning and development fueled by foresight. TFS programs empower you to create the world you know is possible. Led by a diverse group of professionals from around the world, collaborating with fellow change makers, you will create resilient strategies, introduce innovations that disrupt the norm, and enact forward-thinking change within your organization.

TFS is a global development platform with the mission is to democratize foresight. Through learning events, professional certification and other growth opportunities, TFS empowers individuals, institutions, organizations, and governments to adopt foresight as their 21st-century operating system.

Attend the Futures Intelligence Workshop at Synapse Summit!

  • Fee: Additional $199
  • Date/Time: Feb 12th  8:30 am – 12 pm