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Synapse Impact Board

Synapse is a community built by and for innovators. We are guided by visionaries who don’t just think big, they act big and create major impact. Community leaders and industry giants, entrepreneurs and policy makers, academics and investors. From communities all across the state.  All believe in the power of connections. Thank you for making an impact.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the elected group of Impact Board members with fiduciary responsibility for the organization.  The Board of Directors helps ensure Synapse is on the path to a sustainable future with direction, finances, and team organization.


The Finance Committee ensures Synapse utilizes sound financial practices. The finance committee reviews Balance Sheet and P&L monthly and gives recommendations going forward.


The Governance Committee ensures Synapse conducts proper governance inline with laws surrounding 501c3 companies, and maintains the bylaws of the organization.


The Inclusion Lives Here Committee works with Synapse staff to identify opportunities for the organization to facilitate greater visibility of diverse thought leaders, create collaborations that benefit underrepresented groups and actively promote a more equitable and inclusive innovation community in Florida.


The Marketing Committee provides guidance, and at times hands-on execution, to craft and tell Synapse’s story with the goal of increasing community volume through brand awareness efforts and engagement.


Synapse Programming Committee ensures that Synapse programming continues to connect innovation communities across the state, enabling leaders to find what they need and share what they have. It supports Synapse in building a scalable and sustainable framework for programming including year-round events across Florida, the annual Synapse Summit, and Challenges. It works to identify innovative ideas to integrate into Synapse programs and Challenges 


Synapse Revenue Committee is comprised of members from diverse industries throughout Florida, the revenue committee meets monthly for strategic planning and monetization of events, exploring all fundraising options.

This committee is all about making connections, referrals, and leveraging networks to drive sponsors, new board members and other strategic relationships that help to fund the Synapse mission.