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Here’s how Tampa’s startup community has been affected by COVID-19

How has EDI2 shifted to help startups and small businesses during the pandemic?

The program was created about seven years ago from our county commissioners and our leadership. And as you know, we were moving and grooving, everything has been so wonderful with our Hillsborough County tech and innovation community, (there’s) so much growth, so much opportunity. And then coronavirus happened, and we sort of as a community have experienced this different type of standstill. So we’re seeing a total migration of digital technologies at a totally new scale and speed, pretty much across every sector. So it has been a highlight shone on the tech community of the importance of digital and how it is defining the world of business. We’ve seen this through COVID-19 and a lot of it through (the) recovery in varied ways, by providing safer options for workers, such as our interview right now — you and I are both working remote — and things like that. We are seeing that digital transformation at a very fast pace…