Florida Innovators Show Up and Show Out at Synapse Summit 2024

March 6, 2024

BUP, networking sponsor at 2024 Synapse Summit
Synapse Summit 2024: A Showcase for Florida Tech and Innovation


This year’s Synapse Summit 2024 in Tampa drew approximately 150 exhibitors. These exhibitors were a mix of startups, established companies, universities, nonprofits and businesses that offer professional services to the tech industry. Exhibitor booths and tables filled AMALIE Arena, along with robots, a space bus, and a professional musician playing a full-sized cello made with a 3D printer.


Also front and center at Synapse Summit 2024 was Tampa tech startup BŪP. Pronounced “boop,” the company initially launched a few years back at a prior Synapse Summit. BŪP, which offers digital business cards and AI-powered lead nurturing solutions to professionals and sales teams, was a Synapse Summit exhibitor in 2022 and 2023. And in 2024, BŪP returned as the event’s networking app sponsor. Thousands of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and techies who attended Synapse Summit 2024 each received a BŪP Band, a digital business card bracelet that allows a user to share his/her contact information and professional bio with just a tap or “boop” of someone’s smartphone. BŪP founder and CEO Martika Brianne Jones said the exposure and connections from Synapse Summit are key ingredients for the growth of BŪP and other startups in Florida. “It’s absolutely crucial,” Jones said. “The first two years we got visibility. I feel like a lot of the people who got to see us in our nascent stage got to see that growth. So coming back [to Synapse Summit] is just a testimony to what being in this environment can do and the people who supported us.”


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