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The Synapse Innovation Summit provided a great opportunity for ConnectWise to engage with the local Tampa Bay community and explore new, creative ideas. Solutions that resulted from the challenge fill a gap in the online community of technology teams within our industry. The talented developers who took on the challenge presented excellent prototypes and the concepts behind it which we will leverage when we build out our Community Platform. – Peter Bellini, Program Manager of ConnectWise

The Problem:

Currently, there is no way within the ConnectWise platform for users to interact, share relevant information, and crowdsource solutions to problems. We need to create a digital community space for ConnectWise users to interact and share their own innovations with each other.

The Solution:

Tracy Ingram and his team developed a community platform that is new, engaging, and stimulating.  The data behind the platform can help the entire user community of ConnectWise software to educate each other, providing a financial return on investment for ConnectWise.


Prize: $3,500

# of solutions: 13

Length of challenge: 3 weeks