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UX Design Principles and Accessible Design

August 18 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


🎨 Join Our Exclusive Webinar: UX Design Principles and Accessible Design ✨

Are you passionate about creating user-friendly experiences that are inclusive and accessible to all? Don’t miss out on our upcoming webinar that will delve into the world of UX Design Principles and the importance of accessible design!

In today’s digital landscape, designing exceptional user experiences has become paramount. But it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring that your designs are usable and accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. Our webinar, “UX Design Principles and Accessible Design,” will equip you with the knowledge and skills to create inclusive user experiences.

🔎 What You’ll Learn:

✅ Core principles of UX design and their impact on user satisfaction

✅ Strategies for conducting user research and gathering insights

✅ Design thinking techniques to enhance the user experience

✅ Best practices for creating accessible designs and improving usability

✅ Techniques to consider diverse user needs and accommodate accessibility requirements

✅ Tools and resources to implement accessibility in your design process

🎙️ Our Expert Speaker:

We are excited to have Stephy Hogan, a seasoned UX Designer and accessibility advocate, as our speaker for this webinar. Stephy is 2 parts designer, 2 parts developer, 3 parts perfectionist, and 1 part impatient mother. She’s a founding board member of the Presentation Guild, works on a UX team by day, has 2 YouTube channels on accessible design and science of making stuff, teaches how to design accessibly to anyone who will listen, and loves glitter.

💡 Who Should Attend:

Whether you’re a UX designer, product manager, developer, or simply interested in enhancing the user experience, this webinar is for you! By attending, you will gain valuable insights into designing user-friendly interfaces and learn how to prioritize accessibility in your design process.

Elevate your UX design skills and make a positive impact on user experiences. Join us for this engaging webinar, and together, let’s build a digital world that is accessible to all.

Due to the differing nature of job search processes this event is for attendees within the United States.

Any recorded event will be up on our Blog soon. www.computercoach.com/blog


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