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PEER GROUP | Generative AI: A New Frontier for HealthTech

May 18 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am


Our Peer Groups discussions for our community to meet, learn, and share together.

The launch of ChatGPT and the release of Stable Diffusion in late 2022 have created a ripple effect in the world of generative AI. These developments have drawn interest from a variety of industries, including art, entrepreneurship, higher education, marketing, business, and even healthcare.
Our conversation will explore the following topics and more:
– An explanation of generative AI
– Ethical considerations surrounding this technology
– The potential for business leaders to utilize AI to drive growth and innovation
– Real-world applications of generative AI and their impact in the healthcare and life sciences industry
Join Chris Johnston, Director of Product at The SilverLogic, for a discussion on the future of generative AI and its potential to transform the way we think, work, and create.
Chris Johnston, Director of Product at The SilverLogic, a software consulting and development company. Our motto is “we make ideas happen”, whether they require sophisticated apps, websites, business automation, augmented reality (AR), and more. Collaborating closely with our clients, we strive to exceed expectations and are dedicated to delivering the best possible products to our clients and their users. We always offer the highest quality service and maintenance. Get more info at https://tsl.io
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The HealthTech & Life Sciences Peer Group’s mission is to empower, collaborate and educate health professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders who best serve the health and well-being of South Florida’s residents by supporting its healthcare ecosystem’s ability to leverage current and emerging technologies and services.
As a regional and national leader of health sciences technology, research and innovation, we are recognized for our strong strategic partnerships and collaboration initiatives, our commitment to diversity, and ground-breaking approaches to business development, education and innovation.
CHAIR: Meggie Soliman, Director, Strategic Innovations, Applications at DSS, Inc.
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If you are a Tech Hub member or your company is, we are happy to have you join us. If you don’t have your access link or access code to register, please email team@techhubsouthflorida.org

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