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American Victory Ship

The American Victory was built and sailed through the incredible innovation and “can-do” spirit of America’s Greatest Generation.  While technology has gone through an incredible transformation since her keel was laid nearly 75 years ago, that same innovative spirit lives on today and we wanted to harness fresh and captivating ideas from today’s innovators to help her continue her mission.  We are working closely with all of the participants of the study so that we can channel their ideas into tangible benefits for the S/S American Victory and the community that she serves!  – Bill Kuzmick , Director of AVS

The problem:

The SS AMERICAN VICTORY Board of Trustees is challenging the Synapse ecosystem to find potential opportunities to refresh and broaden our appeal as a tourist attraction, venue for special events, and educational center focused on the maritime heritage of our nation and Tampa Bay region.

The solution:

To gain awareness, we will create pathways coming up to the ship, digitally interactive signage, and sidewalk art. We will also host special events catered to children and adults, such as scavenger hunts, escape room games, and wine & cheese tastings. We also plan to create an interactive AR tour guide, that will bring history to life and tell stories as it guides you throughout the ship.


Prize $:
1st Place: $2,500 plus 2 VIP tickets to the 2020 Synapse Summit
2nd Place: $500 plus 2 tickets to the Synapse Summit

Number of Solutions: 9

Length of Challenge: 4 weeks