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President and Founder

“If your friends aren’t laughing at your dreams you aren’t aiming high enough”

Founder & Executive Chairman

"I don’t understand the limits of time and space."

Chairman of the Board

"I believe the future of our economy is inexorably linked to technology innovations."

VP of Community Engagement

"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Then find someone who's life has given them vodka and have a party!" – Ron White

Director of Corporate Engagement

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.” – Oscar Wilde

Founder & Interim VP of Marketing

“Time is the same no matter how you spend it. Spend it wisely.” - Self

Director of Partner Success

“Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” ― Madam C. J. Walker


"The most powerful force in the universe is people helping people in community!"

Social Media Manager

“Never tell me the odds.” – Han Solo

Content Coordinator

“There are always flowers for those who want to see them” – Henri Matisse

Veterans Programs

"There is no comparison between that which is lost by not succeeding and that which is lost by not trying." - Francis Bacon

Director of Software Development

“Know thyself.” – Socrates

Creative Fellow

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

Business Development - Staff Volunteer