Investor Speed Pitch

90 Seconds To Win Over A Panel of Investors

The best 2018 Innovation Summit Exhibitors deliver a 90 second pitch to investors.

Curated by Chuck Papageorgiou, a panel of investors will be assembled based on their level of investment activity and industry expertise. The best exhibitors from Wednesday of the Summit will be chosen by secret investor scouts who are on the hunt for top companies in the region. On Thursday, the top exhibitors as selected by the investor scouts will be invited to give a 90 second pitch to our panel for a chance at a one on one to discuss potential funding.

11:30am, March 29th, Amalie Arena, Hub 1 Stage

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ConnectWise and Sourcetoad

The Format

No notes. No slides. No BS.
Just you, a panel of investors, and 90 seconds to convince them that they need to invest in you.


Scouts Meet the Exhibitors

On Wednesday a group of secret investor scouts will walk the floor, listen to ideas, pitches, and presentations from the over 250 Summit Exhibitors.  Each scout will select 3 exhibitors who they think are solid presenters, have exceptional ideas, innovative approaches, and most importantly, would be invest-able opportunities.


The Best Exhibitors are Chosen

At the end of the day, the scouts will gather with our investor and emcee Chuck Papageorgiou to share their picks, explain their reasoning, and as a group select 6-9 exhibitors to be the pitch group for the next day.


Exhibitor Preparation

The top choices will then be informed that they have been selected and will have the opportunity to present the next day. The selected exhibitors will have 30 minutes with the scouts and Chuck to get prepped for the pitch on Thursday.


The Pitch

The pitch will begin at 11am sharp on 3/29 at Amalie Arena

The format is simple. 90 seconds, no slides, no props, no BS. Just you, a panel of investors, and 90 seconds to convince them that they want to have a follow up meeting with you. You need to hone your message so much that an investor can decide at the end of the pitch if it makes sense to have more conversations.



After the pitch, there will be a 2 minute feedback period. One Panelist will identify the one thing they heard that made them want to have a meeting and another will identify the one thing they heard (or did not hear) that made them not ask for a follow-up meeting.


The Decision

All panelists will have a Red Card and a Green Card which they will hold up after your pitch to indicate whether or not they want to have a follow up with you.


Crowd Favorite

After all the pitches we will have an audience poll to choose the crowd favorite.

The Innovation Summit team will ensure that the presenters are connected with the investors who were interested in them.