The 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit is your opportunity to meet investors, find top talent, and experience the cutting edge of business and technology.

DJ Ravidrums – Synapse Social

DJ Ravidrums has performed at the Oscars, the Superbowl, and now the Innovation Summit Synapse Social (Day 1 afterparty)

Hyperloop’s CEO – Dirk Ahlborn

Don’t miss Dirk’s session “The Future of Mobility” on how Hyperloop is bringing disruptive innovation to the traditional transportation industry.

Why The Innovation Summit?

Every movement has a catalyzing moment and that moment for Florida’s Tech Ecosystem is the 2018 Innovation Summit.

IBM Chief Innovation Officer – Bernard Meyerson

Don’t miss Bernard’s keynote session “From Big Data to Deep Analytics to AI (Accessible Intelligence)”.

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Who should attend?

Innovators / Entrepreneurs / Investors / Incubators / Accelerators / Educators / Students / Opportunity Seekers /  Service Providers / Research Institutions / Companies of all stages or sizes

The Synapse Innovation Summit brings together innovators from all industries and stages of development to connect technology, regionally-based innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems throughout Florida.

Get connected, explore opportunities and be inspired.

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AI/Machine Learning

Financial Technology

Healthcare Technology

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Culinary Innovation

Synapse Social

  • Celebrate innovation with food, drinks, live music and networking
  • Drink tickets included with price of admission

Featured Speakers

Meet a few of our notable guests

Jeff Vinik

Strategic Property Partners

    Dr. Bernard Meyerson

    Chief Innovation Officer - IBM

    Col. Josh Potter

    Transnational Threats Division - SOCOM

    Arnie Bellini

    CEO - ConnectWise

    Dirk Ahlborn

    CEO - Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.

      Bob Buckhorn

      Mayor of Tampa

      Lakshmi Shenoy

      CEO - Innovation Hub

      Dr. Ajay K Seth

      CEO - Bionic Miracle


        9:00-11:00 a.m.
        Opening sessions

        “The Future of Tampa”
        Synapse Co-Founder Marc Blumenthal kicks off the 2018 Synapse Innovation Summit, then Strategic Property Partners’ Jeff Vinik shares plans for Tampa’s future.
        Presented by Jeff Vinik, Strategic Property Partners

        “Tampa Bay Born and Bred: The Making of a Billion Dollar Company”
        ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini will talk about “breaking the myth of the 4 minute mile,” a feat once deemed impossible until broken by Sir Roger Bannister. Bellini will share how he was able to launch Tampa Bay’s first true unicorn – a $1 billion company built using Tampa-based talent and resources.
        Presented by Arnie Bellini, CEO, ConnectWise

        “From Big Data to Deep Analytics to AI (Accessible Intelligence)”
        The world of technology is abuzz with talk of AI, hype perhaps being a more appropriate term.  The reality of things is that AI is not a singular technological achievement as it is often portrayed, but rather a tool under development with decades of learning and optimization still to come.  AI similarly did not magically pop into existence, it was created over many years to address challenges posed by the explosive growth in fields producing “big data”, as well as the associated analytics employed to “understand” what that data is telling us.  This talk will describe the journey that brought us to the need for AI, and some of the more interesting achievements along the way.
        Presented by Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson, Chief Innovation Officer, IBM

        “When Good Tech is Used for Bad: The Dark Side of Cryptocurrency”
        Presented by Col. Josh Potter, Chief, J36 Transnational Threats Division, US Special Operations Command

        SOFWERX represents an innovative collaboration between entrepreneurs and government operators. Hear directly from SOFWERX about their work and their innovation challenges.
        Director, SOFWERX

        Engage with more than 250 exhibitors and hear from dozens of presenters on our showcase stages around the promenade level of Amalie Arena. Learn about innovative companies from the Tampa Bay Area and around Florida who are changing our world every day!

        “Practical Machine Learning: Case Studies in Oil and Gas, Mining, and Satellite Image Analysis”
        Real-world case studies on the application of Artificial Intelligence to do anomaly detection and incident prediction in satellite image analysis, oil and gas, and mining.
        Presented by Liz Derr, Co-founder and CEO, Simularity

        “Blockchain Transforming the Private Capital Markets”
        Understanding how blockchain is used to change the way private companies are funded.
        Presented by Oscar Jofre, President/CEO, KoreConX

        “Verapy: Bringing Virtual Reality to Rehabilitation ”
        A look at Verapy.
        Presented by Jonathan Truing, Founder & CEO, Verapy and Tad Svendrys, Co-founder & President, Verapy

        “Mentor-driven STEM”
        How programs like FIRST robotics & apprenticeships help build tech skills and interest.
        Presented by Terri Willingham, Executive Director, Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI)

        Presented by Tom Burke, WebFinity

        Florida Funders’ new and active accredited investors are welcome at this invitation-only luncheon.

        Grab a boxed lunch and bring it back to the mainstage for the afternoon session. Lunch is catered by Inside the Box, a social enterprise of Metropolitan Ministries. Aside from serving delicious food, Inside the Box cafe and catering provides culinary arts education and hands-on vocational training to men and women transitioning out of homelessness.

        “Building Community of the Future”
        Presented by Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn

        “Culinary Innovation for Community Impact”
        Panel discussion with Cliff Barsi, Scott Fischer and Dr. Patrick Brown.
        Moderator: Tim Marks, CEO, Metropolitan Ministries

        “Introducing the Latest Innovation from CareValet”
        Presented by Joe Hodges, President, CareValet

        “Success in the South: Peerfit’s Story from Startup to Growth Company”
        From small beginnings at the University of Florida to $20mil in capital raised and Fortune 50 partnerships, hear how Peerfit was able to make the transition from a small startup to a major growth company with the support, investment, and mentorships coming from around the Southeast US and specifically, Tampa Bay.
        Presented by Edward J. Buckley, III, Ph.D., CEO, Peerfit

        “The Bionic Miracle”
        The Bionic Miracle is a prosthetic limb that is controlled by brain waves. It can move, shake your hand, grab a coffee cup without squishing it, feel hot and cold, and work even while not connected to the human body.
        Presented by Dr. Ajay Seth, CEO, Bionic Miracle

        Multiple opportunities to engage with innovators from a vast number of industries. Get expert insights and dive deeper into topics with breakout sessions and panel discussions. See innovative companies on showcase stages and at innovation expos.

        Attend any of the more than 50 sessions on topics from skill building to raising capital to learning about the top trends in technology today and in the future.


        “Cryptocurrency, Blockchains & Beyond”
        Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Ethereum, blockchain technology….what does it all mean? These terms are quickly pouring into the mainstream, but their technical roots have caused many early adopters to use complicated jargon when trying to explain it. This talk will provide a brief history, where we are today and some potential future mainstream use cases for blockchain technology to help you understand the core fundamentals of this-new-thing-in-town….no degree in cryptography required!
        Presented by Rosa Shores, Co-owner, BlockSpaces – Tampa; Nick Baldwin; Gabe Higgins, Managing Director, BlockSpaces – Tampa; Ravi Jakhotia, aka RaviDrums, Music Innovator


        “Trusted Chains: Trusted Execution for Blockchain, Distributed ledgers, and Multi-party Analytics”
        Data centric applications and transactions are driving new technology architectures and business opportunities. With Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers gaining popularity and organizations actively looking to deploy, the need for trusted execution and verifiable security for these transactions and the systems they run on is a key barrier to successful scale. This talk will highlight the security gaps, challenges, and paths forward for securing Blockchain, Hyperledger, Multi-party Analytics, and the key services and functions they rely on.
        Presented by Steve Orrin, Federal Chief Technologist, Intel

        “Legal Implications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency”
        Presented by Matt Kohen & Justin Wales, Co-Chairs, Carlton Fields Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Practice

        “The Investor’s Perspective on Blockchain”
        Panel discussion with Brent Fisher; Adam Liposky, Director of Investments, Florida Funders; Nathan Rodewald, Strategic Partnerships Director,


        “Where are all the blockchain developers?”
        Join us for a conversation about hiring and retaining people who are working with blockchain and other cryptocurrency technologies when there are few people doing it and such a high demand. Lia James and John Hundrieser are will dig into the challenges of hiring and retaining highly technical folks as technologies emerge and how to build a team to fit your needs strategically.
        Presented by Lia James & John Hundreiser, humanpredictions

        “Enterprise Solutions for Blockchain”
        Strategies for using blockchains to solve common business needs
        Presented by Chris Williams

        “Disrupting the Music Industry with Blockchain”
        Presented by Jason Taylor

        “Blockchain for Healthcare”
        Presented by Anthony D. Begando, CEO, Professional Credentials Exchange, LLC

        “A FAIR Ride Share”
        This is a talk about how we are using the blockchain to its full potential by incorporating ride share and communities in a way that has never been done before!
        Presented by Jeremy Beal, FAIR Car

        “Raincube: Blockchain & Environmental Sustainability”
        Learn how we can supply the world with water by building a digital, decentralized, distributed and democratic Internet of Rain.
        Presented by Alberto Jauegui, Chief Marketing Officer, Raincube

        “Sandcastle: Bootstrapping a Local Blockchain”
        Learn how a blockchain can be utilized as a public utility for local communities and economies.
        Presented by Alberto Jauegui, Chief Marketing Officer, Raincube

        Learn the best practice security habits every crypto investor and user should know to protect their crypto assets.
        Presented by Brian Boyd

        “Cryptocurrency Mining Explained”
        Attendees will understand what mining is and what is going in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as how to get involved. The panel will endeavor to explain how cryptography has revolutionized personal finance with the advent of Bitcoin and its successor networks.
        Presented by Michael Reed, BlockSpaces Mining Group

        “Using Blockchain to Combat Art Theft”
        Presented by Nick Baldwin

        Presented by Rosa Shores, Co-owner & Gabe Higgins, Managing Director, BlockSpaces – Tampa

        “IOT & DLT – Blockchain, IOTA-Tangle & Beyond”
        The world is due for another Industrial Revolution. The exploration of Blockchain-related use case has been actively pursued by pretty much everyone in this space (corporates, startups, researchers, individuals) over the last 4 years. One of the areas that most excites us and many others is the Internet of Things. Not only has IoT a tremendous potential since it’s going to be everywhere (after all, it’s an ubiquitous computing and sensor platform), but it also has a whole range of problems where distributed ledgers could be the solution. “Why IoT Needs a Ledger,” but the obvious reasons are: M2M Payments, Security of Things (including identity) and automated execution of processes. The simple reality when it comes to Blockchain + IoT (or Blockchain and anything else), is that we’re simply not there yet. The technological limitations are apparent to everyone (including consultants) at this point. The two major problems that needs to be elaborated on in this post are scalability and transaction fees. The IOTA Team realized early on that it is important to start from scratch to meet the challenging demands of the Internet of Things. With that in mind, the Tangle was born.The main innovation behind IOTA is the Tangle. It’s a novel new distributed ledger architecture that is based on a DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph). One might refer to it as a “Blockchain without Blocks and the Chain” (semantically, it’s not really a Blockchain). The main reason why IOTA was created is to enable and to be the backbone of the Machine Economy. We envision a future where Machines trade resources (computation, electricity, storage, bandwidth, data etc.) and services with each other without the involvement of any third party purely Machine-to-Machine. As the Internet of Things starts unleashing itself, the need for “Smart Decentralization” is apparent. We are talking about some real industry use cases where IoT projects make sense and how these new technologies like IOTA-Tangle could be implemented by small, medium and larger corporations.
        Presented by Dieter Kondek, Founder & CEO, The Rocket Lounge


        “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services”
        A brief overview of the artificial intelligence and machine learning offerings on Amazon Web Services, as well as some interesting case studies.
        Presented by Grant McCarthy, Amazon Web Services

        “The Psychology Behind Technology Adoption”
        Through an ongoing examination of consumer needs and values—and the emerging technologies that can help to fulfill these needs—we see common principles that explain why people adopt some technologies faster than others. We’ll explore these principles to help explain what are the underlying needs that consumers will seek out in products and services over the next decade. Participants will come away with a more informed understanding of their consumer’s needs relating to technology and advice on how to position technology offerings in the marketplace.
        Presented by Michael Vidikan, Cognis Innovation Group


        “Data Science for Good”
        Stop overthinking machine learning and just get started using data science to improve your business. Using Metropolitan Ministries’ data, we’ll help you learn about your donor demographics, share solutions for getting started in machine learning and discuss using cases for data science.
        Presented by Caroline Wright, Marketing Lead, Covergence Consulting Group

        “Humanoid Robots and Exoskeletons at IHMC”
        Humanoid Robots and Exoskeletons have a lot of promise for various commercial and military applications. However, these robots are very challenging to develop. We will discuss recent advances and open challenges in the field, with a focus of work performed at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, FL.
        Presented by Jerry Pratt, Senior Research Scientist, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

        “The Future of the Connected Home”
        Through an ongoing examination of consumer needs and values—and the emerging technologies that can help to fulfill these needs—we see common principles that explain why people adopt some technologies faster than others. We’ll explore these principles to help explain what are the underlying needs that consumers will seek out in products and services over the next decade. Participants will come away with a more informed understanding of their consumer’s needs relating to technology and advice on how to position technology offerings in the marketplace.
        Presented by Michael Vidikan, MBA, Vice President, Cognis Innovation Group

        Presented by Chris Rafter, COO, Inzata

        “USF Student Drone Team”


        “Healthcare Innovation Investment”
        A panel discussion with healthcare innovation investors from throughout the startup life cycle.
        Panelists include Dr. Richard Munassi, MBA, Build Class Entrepreneur-In-Residence, Tampa Bay WaVE; Saxon Baum, Director of Business Development, Florida Funders; Naveen Kumar, Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, M2Gen; Dr. Ellis Norsoph, MBA, serial entrepreneur, Allegiant; Matt Rice, MBA, Partner, Ballast Point Ventures.


        “Medical Device Innovators”
        Tampa Bay has been home to significant medical device innovations in the orthopedic field. The surgeon-inventors on this panel will discuss their experience inventing and developing technologies that have had a global impact on healthcare. Learn from their experience taking their ideas from concept to creation and their thoughts on Tampa Bay as a hub for medical device innovation.
        Panelists include Derek Pupello, Founder & CEO, Florida Innovation & Education Labs; Dr. Mark Frankle, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Florida Orthopaedic Institute; Dr. Mike Miranda, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Florida Orthopedic Institute; Dr. Thomas Bernasek, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Florida Orthopedic Institute.

        “A Corporate Take on Healthcare Innovation”
        A panel discussion with healthcare innovators.
        Panelists include: Richard Munassi, M.D., MBA, Build Class Entrepreneur in Residence, Tampa Bay WaVE; Michael Laker, founder & CEO, Blackfin Technology Partners; Erik Pupo, Managing Director, Accenture; Angelique Robateau, Advocacy Chair, HIMSS – Central North Florida; Dr. Brittany Snasbury, Managing Director, Beta Innovation Group; Kevin Sneed, Dean, USF.


        “WellPlanet: Fitness as a Spiritual Discipline”
        Presented by Tom Hafer, founder, WellPlanet

        “Healthcare Innovations Round Table”
        Presentations by Mark Engelen, Founder & CEO, RxLive; Andrew Parker, Founder & CEO, Papa; David Sawyer, Founder & CEO, TSOLife; Jonathan Truong, Founder & CEO, Verapy.

        “A look at M2Gen”

        Presented by Deger Saner, Communications & Sales Director, Reticare

        Presented by Trent Brock, Marketing Content Specialist, Vology

        Presented by Jacqueline Darna, NMD, CEO & Medical Inventor, NoMoNausea, Darna & Company, LLC

        “A look at DJO Surgical”
        Presented by Zach Bennett, Medical Device Sales Consultant, DJO Surgical

        “Corin Optimized Positioning System”

        “Medical Device Innovation: Stryker and Smith & Nephew”
        A look at two incredible robots: the Mako Robot and the Navio Robot.
        Presented by Dr. Mike Miranda, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Florida Orthopaedic Institute

        “A look at Seer Analytics”
        Presented by Bill Lazarus, MA, SM, Ph.D., CEO, Seer Analytics


        “Opportunities for Innovation in Cybersecurity”
        A thoughtful and candid conversation to foster innovation in cybersecurity and reap its benefits with desired & innovative outcomes. This session is recommended for innovators and IT practitioners, especially those focused on cybersecurity.
        Presented by Andy Zolper, Senior VP, Chief Information Security Officer & Head of Technology Infrastructure, Raymond James Financial; Kishen Sridharan, Cybersecurity Partnership & Outreach Executive, Raymond James Financial

        “Implications of Data, The New Oil”
        Like oil, data is an immensely valuable asset that needs to be extracted, refined, stored, and manipulated into actionable deliverables. Join our four panelists to discuss what it means to fully harness the power of your data. Our panelists will include insights on who stands to gain the most from Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics and how to handle big data without getting overwhelmed while producing data driven decisions. Topics will include quality data, scalable reporting, and data security/governance.
        Presented by Mortin Middlefart, Chief Data Scientist, Lumina Analytics; Christopher J. Moyer, Sr., President and CEO, SME Solutions Group; Steve Orrin, Federal Chief Technologist, Intel
        Moderated by Moez Limayem, Dea, USF Muma School of Business;

        “Cybersecurity Is a Serious Problem, and It’s Here to Stay”
        The recent global cyberattacks have opened the world’s eyes to the sophisticated nature and far-reaching consequences of cybercrime. Join leading cybersecurity experts to gain a better understanding of threats, projected trends and best practices to stay cyber secure in this forever-evolving threat landscape.
        Panelists include Todd Ferguson, VP, Information Security, Raymond James; Adam Sheffield, Director, Third Wave Consulting; Paul Vitchock, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI.
        Moderated by Sri Sridharan, Florida Center for Cybersecurity, USF

        “Optimizing Your IT Transition”
        Application and platform sprawl are creating both opportunities and challenges for enterprises. Flexential helps organizations optimize their journey of IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability and security.
        Presented by Jason Carolan, Chief Cloud Officer, Flexential

        “Meet the Special Operations Transition Resource (STAR) Operators”
        The STAR Panel aims to inform business leaders of a unique resource that consists of transitioning senior special operations leaders as a senior level talent pool. Panelists include Leslie Babich; Col. Dan Hodne (Ret.), PMP, Senior Planning Consultant, Moffitt Cancer Center; Brian Howard; Kent Paro, Vice President, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union; Capt. Tristan Rizzi, SOCOM.

        “SOFWERX 101”
        Learn more about how SOFWERX, in partnership with USSOCOM, performs collaboration, ideation and facilitation with the best minds of Industry, Academia and Government.
        Presented by Tambrien Bates, Director, SOFWERX


        “The Cutting Edge of Treating Post-Traumatic Stress Injury”
        CRUSADES 22/METASphere are researching and developing breakthrough Mixed Reality (Virtual, Augmented, Merged, Extreme, and otherwise) training and treatment platforms, protocols and initiatives that combine intuitive human-machine interfaces (Artificial Intelligence), strategic alignment of the concept of machine learning with the ability to track, collect and interpret various bio-markers of any person who will engage in these programs; combining  VR, MR, AR, XR, brain imaging (EEG) & neuroscience, whose technologies enable new applications in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), through therapeutic ‘gaming’ initiatives and experiences and brain/machine interfaced systems for the care and support of active-duty military personnel, veterans, first responders and their families, as well as developing and creating programs that applicable to and adapted for other fields of use in the civilian sector(s).
        Presented by Brian Hillard, Executive Director, CRUSASADES22/METASphere Industries

        “FLYMOTION Unmanned Systems”
        Presented by FlyMotion

        Presented by Paramindar Devsi, CEO, Robodub



        “Breaking Big: XR in the Bay Area”
        The VR/AR/MR industry (also called XR) is about to become a giant industry across all sorts of applications, from entertainment, to instructional, to therapeutic. Projections put it at $200 billion by 2021. The discussion will be about what is happening in the Bay Area in the XR industry, and how we can grow it. Panelists include Tom Schmidt, Producer & Creative Director, Percolate Digital, LLC; Joe Bardi, Senior Content Strategist, Marxent; Matt Fedorovich, Principal Consultant (Immersive & Mobile), Cardinal Solutions; Jody Haneke, President & Founder, Haneke Designs.

        “Augmented & Virtual Reality”
        Presented by David Glass, CEO, OrlandoiX


        “Why Advertising in Virtual Reality with Artifical Intelligence Makes a Difference”
        Explore Pletra’s software platform to integrate native ads in VR content (360, mobile desktop, VR immersive, and soon AR).
        Presented by Michael Rappaport, Pletra

        “ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute” 


        “Innovation in the Education Space: Disrupting for Good”
        For quite literally decades it was considered foolhardy to pursue an innovative, technology-based startup in the education space. The perception was that public schools didn’t have the money, the attitude, or the wherewithal to embrace change at all, let alone technology-based change. But in the past five to ten years we’ve seen an explosion of investment and innovation in the education space that has turned the conventional wisdom on its head. That being said, education is a very specific animal and those who are currently have technology startups that serve the space have some great wisdom to impart about how to approach it successfully.
        Presented by Rachel Fisher, CEO, Clear Data Solutions; Jamie Rosenberg, CEO, ClassWallet; Abby Sterensis, Founder & CEO, observe4success; Aaron White, Co-Founder & CEO, Script


        “USF Executive MBA”


        “Integrating Industry Practices and Institutional Knowledge for a Robust Manufacturing Innovation Ecosystem”
        Moderated by Steve Willingham of the Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI), with special guest Byron Clayton, CEO of the federal Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute , “Manufacturing the Future” looks at new efforts underway to invigorate manufacturing in our area, and examines what 21st Century manufacturing – from food to textiles to aeronautics and industrial equipment – looks like in Tampa Bay.
        Presented by Steve Willingham, Board Chairman, Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI) and Byron Clayton, CEO, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute

        “The School to Workforce Pipeline: It’s All Connected”
        It’s time to stop looking at K-12 education as separate from higher education and workforce readiness and to consider the interconnectedness of early education and economic development. As we move further into the 21st century, rapidly changing technologies radically alter not only what we need to learn, but how we learn it and the type of work that we do to both make a living and have a life. To become globally competitive – and just as important, globally collaborative – the business community needs to come together with the academic community to support learners of all ages, and to help deliver meaningful content and skills development. Today’s students need to be tomorrow’s critical thinkers, people who can solve problems quickly and creatively and who will likely move between interests – jobs – more quickly than yesterday’s workforce did, so they need to be able to learn quickly too. Agility is the name of the game, and it’s time for both education and business to level up.
        Presented by Terri Willingham, Executive Director, Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI)



        “Music Science”
        Experience DIY Synth machines.
        Presented by Chuck Stephens, Pasco County Libraries

        “Starting an Electrathon Team/Building an Electrathon vehicle”
        Highlight the steps to design, fabricate, and drive an electrathon vehicle as an individual or part of a high school, college, or other team.
        Presented by Fredi Beck, Treasurer and Publicist, Electrathon of Tampa Bay

        “Using Civic Tech as a Coding Education Tool”
        A short overview of Code for Tampa Bay and a look at some of the coding resources & tools we use.
        Presented by Terri Willingham, Executive Director, Foundation for Community Driven Innovation

        “Clearwater Library Maker Studios”
        An overview of the equipment and resources available at the Clearwater Main Library Maker Studios.
        Presented by Rino Landa, Clearwater Public Library System

        “Creating Virtual Experiences in Your Library”
        Adding Hybrid Reality technologies (i.e., virtual/augmented/mixed realities) to the long and growing list of experiences that libraries offer is keeping libraries on the bleeding edges while allowing their users to engage with these emerging technologies. Libraries that offer these experiences are opening the minds of their users to understand what is possible today and giving opportunities to see what they can possibly create in the future.
        Presented by Chad Mairn, St. Petersburg College

        “Discover, Engage, Transform: Innovation at Hillsborough County Public Libraries”
        The public library is a platform for community innovation! Learn about the many ways HCPLC supports STEM education, entrepreneurship, and creativity for Hillsborough County residents.
        Presented by Megan Danak, MLIS, Administrative Librarian, Hillsborough County Public Library

        “Library 2.0”
        How modern libraries act as a talent stream through innovative STEM programming.
        Presented by Chuck Stephens, Makerspace Manager, Pasco County Libraries

        “Amateur Rocketry”
        Discover DIY suborbital aeronautics with Prograde Labs.

        “Broadcast Technology Education”
        Presented by Scott Ertz, PLuGHiTz Live

        “Library STEM: Paper Rockets”
        Experience a paper air rockets demonstration by staff from the Pasco County Library.

        “STEM Education Resource Recap”
        A look at all the ways and means to teach and learn science and tech education.
        Presented by Steve Willingham, Board Chairman, Foundation for Community Driven Innovation (FCDI)

        “FLATE (Florida Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence) Impact”



        “Advanced Technology for CRE”
        Discussion of how new technologies are advancing Commercial Real Estate.
        Presented by Jeff Landry, CEO, IDPlans

        Presented by Gary DeMond, Ecomedes

        “Raxar Technology Corporation”
        Presented by Peter Ackman, CEO, Raxar Technology Corporation

        “Introduction to Ruby on Rails”
        Discover what Ruby and object oriented programming are. Then use the Ruby on Rails framework to build an app to locate your favorite food trucks. Members of the Suncoast Developers Guild will help you try coding and will share opportunities to learn web development in Tampa Bay. Courses assume no previous knowledge in programming languages. We’ll do a hands-on workshop where we’ll do some actual coding together. The first half of the courses will be short lectures on the basics of each programming language, real world cases and basic syntax followed by a hands-on workshop where we’ll do some actual coding together.
        Requirements: Laptop that is WiFi capable with a modern web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox). Laptops are required to complete the course. However, if you do not have one and would simply like to attend as an observer, you’re certainly welcomed to sign up and you’ll still learn a lot!
        Presented by Toni Warren, President, Jason Perry, CEO, Gavin Stark, CTO, Suncoast Developers Guild

        “Introduction to JavaScript”
        Learn what JavaScript is and where it fits into the world of programming. You will create and implement a fun mini-game. Members of the Suncoast Developers Guild will share opportunities to learn web development in Tampa Bay. Courses assume no previous knowledge in programming languages. We’ll do a hands-on workshop where we’ll do some actual coding together. The first half of the courses will be short lectures on the basics of each programming language, real world cases and basic syntax followed by a hands-on workshop where we’ll do some actual coding together.
        Requirements: Laptop that is WiFi capable with a modern web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox). Laptops are required to complete the course. However, if you do not have one and would simply like to attend as an observer, you’re certainly welcomed to sign up and you’ll still learn a lot!
        Presented by Toni Warren, President, Jason Perry, CEO, Gavin Stark, CTO, Suncoast Developers Guild

        “Agile 101: Frameworks Abstract”
        For anyone new to Agile and software development and wants to understand the core concepts of the two primary frameworks: Scrum & Kanban. Participants will learn the primary differences between Scrum & Kanban, including how to choose which one is right for your team and works as well as when they can be used together.
        Presented by Christy Erbeck, Agile Thought



        “Future of Technology in the Music Industry”
        Panelists include Jorge Brea, CEO, Symphonic Distribution; Marcus Cobb, CEO and Co-founder, Jammber; LaTecia Johnson, PMP, CEO, Visionary Rising Agency; Brian Wahlstrom, MM, President, Gigtown.

        “Lessons Learned in Social Enterprise, Food Innovation and Navigating the Growth Curve”
        Presented by Tim Marks & Cliff Barsi, Metropolitan Ministries



        Lessons from the Entertainment Innovator”
        Presented by LaTecia Johnson, CEO, Visionary Rising Agency 

        “An Entrepreneurial Story: Breaking into the Music Industry”
        How a 3-man start-up became one of the biggest music distributors in the business.
        Presented by Jorge Brea, CEO, Symphonic Distribution



        “Food Innovation: Impossible Burger”
        Presented by Jeff Gigante

        “Culinary Innovation for Community Impact”

        “Lessons from an Entertainment Innovator”
        Presented by LeTecia Johnson

        “A Spotlight on Jammber”
        Presented by Marcus Cobb, Co-founder & CEO, Jammber

        “Uriah’s Urban Farm”


        “The Art of the Elevator Pitch”
        How do you catch an investor’s attention? With a crisp, concise elevator pitch that gets right to the heart of what the investor needs to know… and cuts out everything else. This is a short presentation followed by a workshop where you will have the opportunity to give your elevator pitch and receive feedback (read: have it torn up and sewn back together again) from someone who has (quite literally) heard thousands of them. “It’s not complicated. It’s just hard.”
        Presented by Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director, DreamIt

        “The Seven Biggest Mistakes Made By Angel Investors”
        Presented by Marc Sokol, Florida Funders



        “Hacking the ‘Flow’ Experience”
        In this session we’ll investigate what is the “flow” state; it’s impact on your life and work. We’ll answer the question – how can you hack into the flow experience practically and consistently?
        Presented by Andrea Bednar, Founder & CEO, PoP Associates, LLC

        “Survive & Thrive in 2018”
        With over 40 years combined sales experience Rick & Nancy have sold in the home and closed six figure agreements with Fortune 500 companies. Together they bring experience and process thinking to help any growing company with their sales metrics and closing ratio’s. Together they Co-Host a Podcast “Nail the Sale” which can be found on iTunes and they just released their first book titled of course Nail the Sale.
        Presented by Rick & Nancy Monsipapa, Nail the Sale


        “Perfect Pitch”
        Learn the science behind a perfect a pitch from award-winning entrepreneur and CEO, Dr. Jacqueline Darna. During her presentation, Dr. Darna will cover the basics as to what every business pitch should include. Her easy to follow format is adaptable to any business or service.
        Presented by Jacqueline Darna, CEO & Medical Inventor, NoMo Nausea, Darna & Company LLC

        “Five Strategies for Growing your Business from Successful Women Entrepreneurs”
        Moderated by Lynda McDermott, President & CEO, EquiPro International and Tampa Bay Chapter Chair of the Women President’s Organization



        “A Deeper Dive Inside ConnectWise”
        Presented by Arnie Bellini, CEO, ConnectWise

        “Accessing the University Talent Pipeline ”
        Presented by Dr. Robert Bishop, Dean, USF College of Engineering

        “The Climb: 15 Tips from 5 Business Growth Experts”
        Five of Tampa Bay’s most dynamic business growth experts collaborate to give you growth strategies for all aspects of your business – legal, finance, valuation, fundraising and marketing. Learn from the experts currently helping Tampa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem with conception, desired growth, and successful exits. Our comprehensive growth advice in 5 key business areas will offer 15 actionable steps to reach the summit.
        Panelists include Sheryl Hunter, President, Hunter Business Law; Brooke Evans, Founder & CEO, CFO Alliance; Jami Gold, Director, LCG Advisors; Robyn Spoto, CEO, Spot On Digital Media; Linda M. O’Rourke, CPA/ABV, MBA, Founder, O’Rourke & Associates, LLC.


        “Lessons Learned in Social Enterprise, Food Innovation and Navigating the Growth Curve”
        Presented by Tim Marks, CEO, Metropolitan Ministries; Cliff Barsi, Vice President of Food Services & Social Enterprise, Metropolitan Ministries; Scott Fisher, CEO, Dippin’ Dots

        “Journey of a Company, from Startup to Scale-up”
        For technology companies, there’s a lot to do, in a lot of areas. This group of Enterprise executives turned startup consultants, discuss the importance of not only what you do, but when you do it.
        Presented by Steven Horwitz, Managing Partner, Morgan Hill Partners; Dwayne E. Ingram, Partner, Morgan Hill Partners; John Ciulla, Founder & CEO, Regatta Solutions Group

        “Meet the Tampa Accelerators”
        Panelists include Tonya Elmore, President & CEO, Tampa Bay Innovation Center; Rachel Marks Feinman, Executive Director, Florida Israel Business Accelerator; Valerie McDevitt, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer & Business Partnerships, USF; Linda Olson, CEO/President and Founder, Tampa Bay WaVe.
        Moderated by Lakshmi Shenoy, CEO, Tampa Bay Innovation Hub

        “Tax Reform: What You Need to Know”
        Winners & losers of the 2017 Tax Act. Breaking down the challenges and opportunities in the wake of the most significant tax reform in 31 years. We’ll address the key provisions impacting your business and investments.
        Presented by Barry Weins, CPA, JD, Tax Director, Cherry Bekaert LLP

        “Asking for Help: Getting Past the Roadblocks on Your Startup Journey”
        Presented by Dan Greco, Managing Partner, Ark Applications; Danny McDonald; David Robinson, DSM, CEO

        “Establishing a Successful Entrepreneur-Investor Relationship”
        Presented by Sean Barkman, BallastPoint Ventures; Jonathan Gordon, Stage1 Ventures; Ben Patz, FanFund
        Moderated by Tim Cartwright, Fifth Avenue Advisors



        “Investing in Medicine – Lessons Learned from Failure”
        In this talk, Chuck Papageorgiou will share the lessons he learned from his two and a half year journey, and significant personal investment of time, money, and energy, attempting to launch a truly revolutionary and disruptive approach to the practice of medicine by leveraging cutting edge research in cancer and advanced technology. It’s a cautionary tale for tech entrepreneurs who enter the health sciences space without a clear understanding of the byzantine nature of the business model of medicine.
        Presented by Chuck Papageorgiou, Founder & CEO, International Screening Solutions, Inc.

        “IDPlans: A Discussion with the CEO of IDPlans”
        Presented by Jeff Landry, IDPlans

        “Engaging Enterprise Clients: A Guide for Early Stage Start-ups”
        Doing business with Goliath, it’s what every founder dreams of. We all have that one marquee partner that has been circled on our roadmap since the very beginning — “If I can work my way into landing that deal, my company will blast into orbit!” However, have you considered the ramifications that timing, approach and execution of enterprise deals can have on your business? Join us as we shed light on the process and more importantly, the considerations you should be privy to as you pursue your next enterprise deal.
        Presented Miraj Patel, CEO, Harness


        “Do Women Have A Competitive Advantage?”
        Women and Leadership: Do we have a competitive advantage?
        Women still lag behind men in holding high level leadership positions. Women bring some unique strengths to the table that can enhance and propel their careers and enhance innovation. This talk will focus on what makes women successful in leading and how to avoid pitfalls that can prevent you from waylaying your career. Executive coach to successful entrepreneurs, Dr. Mary Key will share her knowledge and experience in leadership development for women and working with executive women in the Key Women’s Leadership Forum. In this session, you will become more aware of the current status of women in business, understand some of the pitfalls women face and how to address them, and learn strategies to build on your strengths as a female leader.
        Presented by Mary Key, President, Ph.D., Key Associates

        “How Can I Build Our Startup Community?”
        Hear best practices from an operator in startup communities from San Francisco to New York City, and leave with tactical frameworks to leverage in your city that will activate your local ecosystem.
        Presented by Allie Felix, Community Leader, Work-Bench

        “Journey of an Imposter: Truth from the Entrepreneurial Trenches”
        It took a whole lot of chutzpah to decide to go into business for yourself. Your family got worried. Your friends were impressed, but all, “I know I couldn’t do it.” Complete strangers sitting beside you on planes listened to your description of your business with knitted brows. But you just knew you had to take the leap. Because all entrepreneurs are super-confident, right? They’re just these optimism machines that let doubt slide off them like water off a duck’s back. Yeeeaaaahhhh, um, nope. Take it from someone who rode the “Imposter Syndrome” train from startup to exit. It’s not all hearts and flowers, but if you use all the resources available to you, including your human ones, you’ll find out that maybe you’re closer to the “real deal” than you thought.
        Presented by Rachel Fisher, CEO, Clear Data Solutions

        “Is Patent Protection Really Worth It?”
        Presented by Tom Stanton, Saxon Baum, Director of Business Development, Florida Funders


        “Maximizing Your Business Impact”
        Presented by Scott Winston, CEO, Winston Consulting Group

        “An Inside Look at Honeyfund”
        Presented by Sara Margulis, CEO, Honeyfund




        “Accelerating Growth Through Venture Funds”
        This panel of business owners have accepted venture funds in their businesses in order to accelerate growth. The investors in these businesses range from strategic domestic and international business partners to private equity and friends and family investments.  The panel will discuss topics such as how they knew venture capital was needed; how they identified potential investors; surprises encountered during due diligence and negotiations; what types of deals they had to make to secure the investment; and post-closing experiences. Featured companies are all local to Tampa Bay and include Chip Hunziker, CEO, Cleargage, LLC; Doug Thaler, President, Infrastructure Preservation Corporation; Tony Davis, CEO, Car Rental 8; and Aharon Chernin, CEO, Perch Security, Inc.
        Moderator: Rochelle Walk, Esq., President, Walk Law Firm

        “Bootstrapping your way to success”
        Twelve key lessons that I learned by making mistakes when I boot-strapped my companies, and why its better to boot-strap than raise money.
        Presented by Marty Shultz, Founder, Blindfold Games

        “Accessing Capital Markets”
        Presented by Brian Smith, Managing Partner, LCG Companies; Josh Roberts, Managing Director, CIBC Innovation Banking

        “Networking with Potential Investors”
        Want to meet with a potential investor? Throughout the day, investors, advisors and financiers from firms around the state of Florida will be here looking for their next opportunity – it could be your company.

        “How to Increase Credibility and Probability of Raising Funds”
        The speed of change is at an all-time high. Leaders in large companies, new start-ups, and small businesses now must continually validate their market assumptions and retool their market fit. As the number of innovative and disruptive technologies seems to compound year over year, many domain experts and ambitious leaders are competing to stay ahead and expand market size. Unfortunately, many leaders spend precious capital and time without an understanding of the key fundamentals necessary to minimize risk and avoid the pitfalls associated with launching a new enterprise, enlisting supporters, and funding the strategy. In this informative discussion, attendees will learn how to generate excitement for the feasibility, scalability, and sellability of your strategy. This session will cover the investor mindset and strategies to stand out and quickly gain support/funds.
        Presented by Blaire Martin, CEO, Powered by Nexus


        “Funding Fumbles or Reasons Why Your Startup Is Not Fully Funded Yet”
        Presented by Uri Yudewitz, CEO, DeckSmarter


        Network in Thunder Alley at the Synapse Social. Tickets to the Summit provide access to the Social, which includes:

        • Live performance from DJ Ravi Drums who performs with a custom rig and a “Dream Screen” designed NASA scientists
        • Live music from DJ Fresh, official team DJ for the Tampa Bay Rays and DJ for celebrity events and after parties for Rihanna, Pitbull, LMFAO, The Roots, and The Sugar Hill Gang
        • Food Samples from the Culinary Innovators
        • Two drink tickets
        • Networking opportunities
        • Student innovation showcases

        The Synapse Social is included with every all-access or single day ticket purchase. Select Day 1 in single day tickets to gain access to the Social. 

        9:00-10:30 a.m.
        Opening Sessions: Launching the Synapse Ecosystem

        “Launching the Synapse Platform”
        Be among the first to see the new Synapse online platform, an innovative platform to help connect the ecosystem. This platform provides the ability to connect, challenge, learn, engage, and discuss anything while building a 24/7 community.
        Presented by Marc Blumenthal & Brian Kornfeld, Co-Founders, Synapse

        “Challenges of Building Tech-Based Ecosystems: Locally, Regionally, Statewide”
        Henry Ford Health System Mark Coticchia VP and Chief Innovation Officer will talk about building ecosystems around tech, the challenges that are faced, and what the future can hold. He is an architect of Detroit’s emerging Innovation Network, and previously has been an instrumental part of the nationally recognized tech-based ecosystems in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. He will share challenges and lessons learned in building technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystems.
        Presented by Mark Coticchia, VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Henry Ford Health System

        “Accessing Talent and Treasure Through the Tampa University Pipeline”
        Panel discussion with local educational institutions including  Moez Limayem, Dean, USF Muma College of Business; Valerie McDevitt, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer & Business Partnerships; Jose Zayas-Castro, Ph.D., Executive Associate Dean, USF.
        Moderator: Mark Coticchia, VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Henry Ford Health System

        “Ecosystem at Work: FIBA, StemRad and Tampa General Hospital”
        Presented by Rachel Marks Feinman, Executive Director, Florida Israel Business Accelerator; Oren Milstein, Ph.D., CEO and Scientific Advisor, StemRad; Dr. Bruce Zweibel, Tampa General Hospital

        “Tampa’s Future”
        Presented by Steve Bernstein, Chair, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

        Participants can choose from breakouts and workshops that focus on the ecosystem, your persona within the system, and hands-on skill building.


        “Mobile Apps and Mobile Advertising”
        Approximately 70% of overall global internet consumption is mobile and mobile advertising is estimated to be a $100 billion market worldwide today. John will discuss the roots and evolution of MoPub from a small startup founded by ex-Googlers to one of the worlds largest mobile advertising exchanges that sold to Twitter for $350 million. John will also address practical steps that businesses can take to improve their mobile presence and strategy.
        Presented by John Chen, Partner, Eminence Global Partners

        “The Next Generation of Energy”
        How the face of renewables are transforming the energy landscape.
        Presented by Lyon Roth, Chairman, Yarotek

        “Creating a Skill for Amazon’s Alexa”
        Presented by Steve Tingiris, Founder, Dabble Lab

        “Command the Room”
        The “Command The Room” session will focus on providing the participants with recommended tools that will enhance their presence through the process or building rapport, establishing credibility, gaining respect, and establishing lifelong connections and relationships.
        Presented by Major Gen. Luis Visot (Ret.), United States Army


        “Building a Tech Team”
        Presented by Skip Marshall, CTO, Tribridge; Ingrid Harb, Head of Tampa Development, LaunchCode

        “Design Science and Thinking for Organizational and Technological Innovation”
        Engage with top researchers and practitioners to discuss innovation in design thinking for organizational change. Panelists include: Greg Ingram, Director of Business Development, Forge.AI; David Ellis, Ph.D., Resident Senior Fellow, Joint Special Operations University; Alan Hevner, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor, USF; Matthew Mullarkey, Ph.D., Director of Business Administration Program, USF Muma College of Business; Brenda Opperman, Chief GameChanger, GameChangers 360.

        “Exploring the Synapse Platform”
        Presented by Gregg Hilferding; Vince Kegel, BEE, MBA, President, Retro 5960; Scott Strepina

        “Growing an Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem in Florida”
        It’s no secret that Silicon Valley and the technology sector in general suffers from a lack of diversity. Whether it’s a lack of women or a lack of people of color, there is a longstanding and erroneous belief that some people just aren’t cut out for technology. Not only is this stance morally and ethically wrong, it’s bad for business. This panel discussion will showcase local minority innovators and tech-preneurs who have been successful and open a conversation focused on how Florida can avoid repeating Silicon Valley’s mistakes so that we can grow a vibrant, inclusive, and profitable innovation ecosystem. Panelists include: Jennifer Whelihan, Economic Development Manager, Hillsborough County; Derrik Blue, Interim CEO, Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan; Hugh Campbell, Founder & Owner, AC4S; Hayes Fountain, III, President & CEO, Widescope Consulting and Contracting Services, LLC; Rolando Torres, COO, Abacode Cybersecurity; Fabian Yepez, Vice President – West Coast, Prospera

        “How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Sales Pipeline”
        Reach more buyers and grow your sales pipeline on LinkedIn. Discover the power of these four must-have strategies on LinkedIn:
        1. Convert your LinkedIn profile from a resume to a sales resource.
        2. Build your reputation as an expert in your niche
        3. Grow your network, get referrals and introductions
        4. Target and connect with prospects to fill your sales pipeline.
        Develop the habit of these four strategies and you’ll build a steady flow of sales pipeline.
        Presented by Bernie Borges, Chief Marketing Officer, Vengreso

        “Lightning in a Bottle: Launching Winning Partnerships with Startups”
        In their quest for the next wave of innovation, it is more important than ever for BigCo leaders to understand how to launch quick proof of concepts into market. Whether it’s an internally developed product or a partnership with a startup, the path is never clear cut. As a result, growth leaders find themselves asking: How do I design a winning proof of concept? What are different partnership options? How can I create a de-risked environment? How should I measure success? What if I fail? What do I do when it’s over? We’ll answer these questions and more in a fun, interactive, “roll up your sleeves,” session!
        Presented by Sam Korach, Entrepreneur in Residence, Cintrifuse; Emily Geiger, Vice President, Big Corporate Innovation, Cintrifuse

        “Tech Transfer and Intellectual Property”
        Presented by Valerie McDevitt, Associate Vice President, Technology Transfer & Business Partnerships, USF; Maha Sallam

        “Maintaining Customer Service in Times of Transition”
        Presented by David Saslow, Of Counsel, McIntyre, Thanasides, Bringgold, Elliot, Grimaldi, Guito & Matthews, P.A.

        “How Innovation in Business Makes the World Better: Lessons from the Future”
        Presented by Ed Kopko, Bold Business

        “Navigating the Legal Challenges of Innovation”
        Presented by Sheryl Hunter

        “What is a Future Ready Economy?”
        Presented by James Stikeleather, USF Muma College of Business, Former CIO, Dell

        Curated by Chuck Papageorgiou, a panel of investors will be assembled based on their level of investment activity and industry expertise. The best exhibitors from Wednesday of the Summit will be chosen by secret investor scouts who are on the hunt for top companies in the region. On Thursday at 11:00 a.m. the top exhibitors as selected by the investor scouts will be invited to give a 90 second pitch to our panel for a chance at a one on one to discuss potential funding.

        Learn more about the Investor Speed Pitch here.

        Inspired by Metropolitan Ministries’ social enterprises DoughNation and Inside the Box, this competition is designed to empower Tampa Bay’s students who seek to make a positive social impact through entrepreneurship.

        Student participants will give a 5-minute pitch of their social startup they have been developing in the lead up to the event to our panel of experts from Metropolitan Ministries and Columbia University.

        Winners take home $3,500 in cash sponsored by ConnectWise and Sourcetoad.

        Students can learn more and apply to compete here.

        11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
        Networking Lunch

        The Tampa Bay WaVE, our regions premier incubator and accelerator, will be bringing their monthly pitch night to the 2018 Innovation Summit in the form of a Premier Innovation Showcase. In this showcase, the WaVE’s most promising startups from their Launch and Grow cohorts will be pitching their businesses and highlighting the most innovative aspects of their technology.

        Learn more about the showcase here.

        “Tampa Bay Innovation Hub”
        Presented by Lakshmi Shenoy

        “Empowering Innovation”
        Presented by Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes

        “The Future of Mobility”
        Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. is bringing disruptive innovation to the traditional transportation industry. Hyperloop designs and builds the most highly profitable, fastest, safest, and environmentally friendly transportation system for passengers and goods.
        Presented by Dirk Ahlborn, CEO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. and  Founder & CEO, JumpStarter Inc.

        Uber will talk about the future of mobility, including the inefficiencies in the way society currently uses automobiles and what can be done to improve overall quality of life.
        Presented by Kasra Moshkani, General Manager – Southeast U.S., Uber

        “Challenge & Hackathon Awards Presentation”


        Enjoy happy hour, live music and unwind as we continue the dialogue at Ferg’s LIVE with Tampa’s own band, New Mutiny!

        *schedule subject to change

        2018 Summit Exhibition

        We've turned the entire Promenade level Amalie Arena into a 2 day, one-of-a-kind, immersive exhibit showcasing the best and brightest of Florida's tech ecosystem!

        16 Expert Insight Sessions

        75 Showcase Sessions

        100+ Exhibitors In All

        $10,000 Worth of Prizes: Innovation Challenges, Hack-a-thon, Pitch Competitions, Social Enterprise Business Plan Competition

        Dozens of Interactive Product Demos - Tesla Test Track - Coding Classes - and so much more!

        Event Tickets

        Single Day Access
        • You pick the day
        • Ability to watch product demos and panels
        • Access to watch all speakers
        • Day 1 includes Synapse Social
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        $50,000 In Available Scholarships!

        ConnectWise and Synapse have teamed up to provide $50,000 worth of scholarships for college students to attend. Read More

        College Students also have the opportunity to volunteer a few hours of their time helping us at the event in exchange for FREE ADMISSION! Read More..

        Synapse Social

        Networking Party in Thunder Alley March 28 @6pm

        Featuring DJ Ravidrums & DJ Fresh

        • Live performance from DJ Ravidrums who performs with a custom rig and a “Dream Screen” designed NASA scientists
        • Live music from DJ Fresh, official team DJ for the Tampa Bay Rays and DJ for celebrity events and after parties for Rihanna, Pitbull, LMFAO, The Roots, and The Sugar Hill Gang
        • Dinner and a showcase of local culinary innovation
        • Two drink tickets
        • Networking opportunities
        • Student innovation showcases

        Social Entrepreneurship

        Be a part of helping others in need

        As part of the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, we believe that social entrepreneurship is important to the success of any community.  With this in mind, we are proud of our partnerships with Metropolitan Ministries and their innovative catering business, Inside the Box.  Lunches served on both days of the Innovation Summit will be catered from Inside the Box, which helps to provide culinary education to families in need and those transitioning from homelessness.  All proceeds from our lunches will go directly to feeding the hungry in Tampa Bay.

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