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The overall vision of Synapse is to be an all-encompassing, interactive, and flexible methodology for building, facilitating, and exposing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of Florida.

Synapse is a ground-breaking methodology that connects all personas within the innovation economy in a method that enables all users to progress in their given needs while promoting a level of needed and desired community engagement.

Currently, the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Florida is growing. Florida has been ranked as one of the most popular areas for growth, continually rising at record rates. Due to geography and multiple dominant regions within Florida, there is opportunity to be better aligned for greater overall results with strong collaboration and holistic leadership.

We propose a professional ecosystem where individuals collide with business to connect and grow utilizing a platform, events, and publishing. Our community flourishes from an abundance of resources, synthesizing a streamlined course for success.

Most of all, Synapse will enable the overall ecosystem of Florida to flourish in a way that is unparalleled with the opportunities present.


Synapse will utilize a brand-new platform that enables users to connect, learn, engage, challenge, and discuss within their customized journeys to progress in their given needs while promoting a level of needed and desired community engagement.

Our platform (launching Spring 2018) will be a place for like minded professionals to create an account and start building their professional connections through events, interactions, and our unique algorithm designed to partner professionals with matches within their community of networks.

Synapse will help to connect entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, innovation enablers, governments, entrepreneurial service organizations, and educational institutions through curated journeys, allowing each individual user to get exactly what he or she might need.

In the current Economic Ecosystem, there are some networking opportunities for personas but often finding the right end result is serendipitous. Synapse will take the random interactions and make them intentional, helping to build stronger businesses and thus a stronger overall entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Synapse events are the opportunity to engage with and influence the early stage innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Do not miss your chance to be a part of this as the 2018 Synapse innovation Summit is coming, March 28-29 2018!

This world-class conference will engage and spark the community by showcasing amazing Florida innovations while engaging the ecosystem with top business leaders not only in the state but also in the world.

Events will include talks from national and local leaders, innovation showcases and highlights of innovation from leading technology sectors in the region, as well as a party like you’ve never seen.

Sign-up now as tickets are limited and last year Sold Out!

Innovation Summit 2018


Innovation and accomplishments should be celebrated and published!
What is a better way to celebrate your entrepreneurial achievements than being featured in our Innovate coffee table book series.

The Innovate book series features over 150 leaders of each entrepreneurial region in over 300 gorgeously laid out pages. By detailing all of the crucial players of the ecosystem, including thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, educational institutions, and innovation enablers, anybody can see a directory of who’s who in the region.

To find out more about what markets we are launching the next innovate book, purchase a book, or how to nominate a key innovation leader, visit www.innovationhubusa.com.


synapse team

An experienced and diverse group of talent all with one goal in mind: improve the Florida Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

The Synapse team includes seasoned entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, corporate workers, marketers, and more. The team is dedicated to the greater good of the outcome and is looking forward to seeing the results.


If you would like to find out more about Synapse or have any contributions to help make the Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem even better, please let us know and we will be in touch with you soon.

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